Photographer Application


Photographers, get in touch.

You take beautiful photos. You know you could sell them, and maybe you have tried different routes. You also know that it takes a huge amount of time and planning to do properly. That is our role. We prepare your images for sale around the globe, and when they sell, we pay you on a monthly basis.

The key facts to know:

  • You receive a market leading 50% of each sale made
  • We pay you monthly
  • Ideally, your images will have captions and keywords, but if not, we can add them for you.
  • We are non-exclusive, meaning you can also sell your images elsewhere if you like. After all, they are your images. (However, we can't take any images that are also with microstock agencies).
  • We have built strong relationships with image distributors around the world, and often achieve higher commission rates coupled with greater exposure in stock image searches.

What types of image are we after?

  • Adults in their everyday lives (e.g. travelling, working, with family or friends, on their own, relaxing, etc).
  • Children at home, school, and play
  • Travel images - but no logos please.
  • Fashion and beauty images
  • Portraits
  • Food images 
  • Most other subjects that are well composed with stunning lighting


  • Clients require images to be highly produced - meaning props, models, clothes and lighting need to be modern and visually stunning.
  • No logos or trademarks anywhere in the image.
  • Images of people need to look authentic, and realistic in every day life situations - but still quite aspirational.
  • Any identifiable people will need a model release signed (we can provide these)
  • Any identifiable locations e.g. homes or businesses, need a property release (again, we can provide these)
  • Images must be a minimum of 15 megapixels, but ideally larger.
  • Only submit your finest work

If you would like to join us, please get in touch, ideally sending some samples of your work, and a link to your portfolio. You can email images, or send them using Dropbox/WeTransfer to