A Two Minute Photo Edit: Architecture

The question we get asked more than any other, is 'how do you edit your photos?'.  Well, each subject is edited slightly differently, but all editing in Adobe Lightroom follows broad general principles of:

  1. Initial corrections of the image.
  2. Editing for your own or your clients requirements, i.e. image style.
  3. Checking for and correcting any image deterioration that has taken place in step 2. 

The video above has the history panel showing on the left hand side of the screen, so you can follow the adjustments.

For this particular architectural image, the following takes place in the Develop Module of Lightroom:

  1. Correcting verticals using the Transform/Vertical option (use 'contain crop' to remove any residual background shown or produced from correcting verticals.
  2. Lift shadows, reduce highlights, graduated filter to the sky, increase vibrance, clarity, and exposure. Usually, I would also remove chromatic aberration (in Lens Corrections).
  3. Correcting any noise in shadow areas by using the Noise reduction tool. Increase sharpening to edges, thereby correcting softening of the image occurring from the noise reduction tool.