Lightroom Preset for Sharpening Food Photography

Sharpening food photographs, whilst protecting the original image, can be difficult to do. 

If you use Adobe Lightroom to sharpen the images, they can soon look unnatural, and you can inadvertently increase levels of digital noise in the photograph (where you have sharpened too much, and are now sharpening the actual structure of the digital image).

Similarly, too much noise reduction to remove the digital speckles and coloured dots, can leave the photograph looking waxy, with a slight plastic feel to it. 

What is needed is a simple balance between sharpening and noise reduction.  So, in the 'shop' section of the website you can find our Lightroom preset for food sharpening.  This is based on techniques used to edit food imagery since the very first version of Lightroom, and is ideally suited to the preparation of images for either printing, stock sales, or web display. In fact, this preset has been used in the preparation of eight recipe books.

Get the Food Sharpening Lightroom Preset.

Equipment Used for food photo: Canon 5D
Edited in Adobe Lightroom.