Food Photography Books

Every food photographer has a book in them. Getting that book on to paper is a challenging journey.

For myself, it was more good fortune. After I had spent a couple of years photographing on magazines, I was asked by an editor if I 'fancied taking on a recipe book for a change'.  There was no reviewing portfolio, or even asking if I had ever photographed food before. It was simply a case that we had a good working relationship, and that put me first in line, despite the fact there were many photographers much better at food photography.

I look back at that first recipe book with a little embarrassment, but at the time, I was quite proud of it. Although I had worked as a photographer for a few years, I was more used to portraits of artists, than artisan bread.  However, overnight, I was asked to photograph more and more food images - after all, I had a book, so it was assumed I must be an expert (I evidently wasn't!). Eventually, I was asked to undertake another book, and then more followed. I think I have done eight now, and each one of them was a huge task, taking months to complete.

So, I absolutely feel for one of the contributors on our Picture Pantry stock library, who not only completed all of the photography, but prepared the recipes and wrote the book. I think every photographer is saluting Alanna Taylor-Tobin, a food blogger and photographer from California, who has just published her first book, The Alternative Baker, a guide to gluten-free desserts.

Each page is visually beautiful, and I am sure she won't look back in years to come with the same embarrassment I had when I looked at my first book

The Alternative Baker, can be purchased from Amazon UK, or Amazon USA.

You can see her portfolio on The Picture Pantry.