Food Sharpening Lightroom Preset

Food Sharpening Lightroom Preset


This is a preset for Adobe Lightroom, based on the editing of over 50,000 food images.  
The preset applies just the right amount of sharpening and noise reduction to convert RAW images, and make them suitable for print, stock and web usage.  
Once applied, this should be viewed as a starting point for further editing.

The preset has been tested on RAW files from Canon, Nikon and Fuji professional cameras.

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Instructions for Installation:

1. Download the Preset.
2. Open Lightroom, Preference menu option, Presets tab, 'Show Lightoom Presets Folder' button.
3. Inside the Lightroom Folder, find the 'Develop Presets' folder and open it.
4. Copy the downloaded preset to this folder.
5. Restart Lightroom, and the new preset will be available in the usual area in Develop module. 

This preset should only be used on RAW files (it may work on JPEG files, but will usually have less success), and has been used successfully on files from Nikon, Canon and Fuji RAW images.