IMAGE EDITING & management

Metro Photographic is ideally placed to manage your image editing needs.

Our photographic experience, combined with technical knowledge, places us in an enviable position when it comes to preparing images for publication - whether print or web.

We have a state of the art editing studio with experienced photographic staff who are able to process images quickly and accurately. We specialise in the editing of multiple images for projects, e-commerce stores, or for marketing agencies looking to outsource photographic editing.

Just some of the projects we have been involved with include:

  • The creation of a 'look and feel' for imagery at The Football Association. We have edited thousands of images for The F.A., and produced a 'post production preset' that was, and still is, applied to their 'England DNA' campaign.
  • The Royal Institute of British Architects commissioned us to edit imagery for 40 projects in the UK, in readiness for a new book.
  • A regional marketing agency required the provision of several hundred fully edited travel images, all in the same style.
  • An online store retailer supplies us with raw images provided by various manufacturers. Our editing studio then edit over one hundred of these images each month to give them a similar 'look and feel'.
  • We edit architectural imagery for numerous property agents, ensuring buildings look their best when promoted in publications.

If you have a particular project, or long term requirement, then we can almost certainly help with your photographic requirements. We can even manage your images for you, making them available 24/7 to everyone who needs access, wherever they are based.

If you prefer to edit your own images, we have a selection of Lightroom presets available for sale to aid professional editing.